Because they should be! You can hire a very inexpensive, non-professional cleaner who can easily undercut the professional cleaning market. How do they do it? Many of these so called “trunk slammers” aren’t bonded and insured. Some of them don’t report and pay sales taxes, workers’ and payroll taxes.

No, we are a family-owned, locally-operated cleaning service that is fully committed to providing you with the quality you deserve. If you think we look like a franchise, it’s because we’re just as professional. But we have the freedom to provide you with a more customized service, and our prices are usually slightly lower than the franchise.

Absolutely! Your safety and protection are a top priority. If your property should ever be damaged in the cleaning process, we are insured to protect your interests. You should also know, however, that we have implemented quality-oriented training with our cleaning technicians in order to minimize the likelihood of property damage.

The ideal cleaning situation is when no one is home but we know this is not always possible. Here are things that are helpful to us on your scheduled cleaning day:

1. Choose a day when the house is mostly unoccupied when possible.

2. Keep children and pets in another area away from where the Cleaning Tech is working. This provides a safe environment not only for your children, but for the Cleaning Tech as well.

3. Don’t clean before we arrive, but do pick up as much as possible in all the rooms to be cleaned. This allows us to focus more time on cleaning for you rather than straightening.

4. Place clean linens on beds if you have chosen this service.

We provide most cleaning supplies, ones that have been proven to be highly effective in the cleaning industry. If you have a specific cleaning product that you prefer, please have it accessible to us when we arrive.

For the ultimate in sanitation, we like to use your vacuum if it is in proper working condition and is efficient to use in your home. We also bring our own vacuum if you don’t have one available.

We understand that schedules can change, but we do ask for a two-business day advance notice of your need to skip a recurring appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.

Our work is 100% guaranteed. We want you to create more free time for you and not cause difficulties for you but we are human. If you are not satisfied, please call us as soon as possible and tell us! If you call us within 24 hours of the cleaning appointment, we will send someone out to reassess and re-clean the unsatisfactory area. Our reputation is dependent on your satisfaction and we take it seriously!

We’re not a franchise–we can do what you want. For your first-time appointment, we ask you lots of questions via email or over the phone so we can understand your house cleaning needs. Once you start recurring services with us, just call or email us two business days in advance with needed changes to your work order so that we can confirm that we have time to do the specific house cleaning tasks in our normal appointment time or we can see about adding time to the appointment to take care of your request. If the change in services increases the amount of time at the appointment, we would give you the revised amount for the appointment at the time of the request.